the imagination in therapy

It is important to note creativity is first and foremost a state of mind that we all have inside us, although it may have nothing to do with 'art'. Yet without it we can all feel pretty stuck and sometimes, not know where to turn. This can impact on our self esteem and make us feel unhappy very quickly.The imagination can help us to feel more curious about our lives, rather than full of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by our thoughts and emotions. This fosters a greater awareness of life's problems and a greater ability to gently think about them without feeling at their mercy, or that we need to immediately act upon them.

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We know from the world of dreams that the the imagination can be profound, and we feel it is perhaps telling us something important, yet we may not really know what it means.This is why using non verbal means of expression in therapy can be helpful in terms of accessing these imaginative parts of ourselves which can really act as a guide and help us to know what we really want out of life. However, it is important to add that we cannot appreciate the value of the imagination unless we also use words to ground it in everyday reality. Therapy then can be an opportunity for us to think together about what your imagination may be communicating to you within the context of your unique life experience and provide valuable new levels of insight.