About me 

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an HCPC registered art therapist based in London with a private practice in Hackney. I have five years of rigorous formal training as a psychotherapist and art therapist. My experience is diverse, having worked in NHS mental health services for both inpatient and community settings, for charities and in private practice.  I am a member of and also an external examiner at the Institute for arts and therapy in education and work as a Clinical Supervisor at Asthma UK. As part of my commitment to ethical practice and continuing professional development, I evaluate my work through supervision and regularly attend workshops and seminars in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and related fields.

I also regularly perform and record as a musician. Prior to becoming a Psychotherapist I taught English abroad for several years in Poland and Italy before returning to the UK where I worked in the private sector in education and international development. 

my approach

As an integrative psychotherapist I am informed by both psychodynamic and humanistic principles. This means that I work with the unconscious/ conscious mind, the past and present moment and perceive these to be interdependent. Making connections between these elements of experience is an important part of therapeutic work. However, as each person’s experience is different and is therefore unique, I believe any theories should be held lightly.

I have been so fortunate to witness on many occasions the innate creativity and imaginative capacity of people when I work with them. Sometimes in a session the imagination will unexpectedly make itself known, forming a bridge between unconscious and conscious, past and present. While not providing an instant ‘solution’ it can add colour and some space to think about problems in new ways which can be a relief in itself.


I enjoy writing about psychotherapy and the arts and and have written several articles on my own blog here, for Psyche Reg, Counselling Directory, and for Private Psychiatry. These are intended both as ‘standalone’ articles and as a means of providing further insight into the way in which I approach my therapeutic work.

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